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Best Korean Rice Cooker reviews 2021

Best Korean Rice Cooker review and buying guide

Are you interested in buying a Korean rice cooker?
Then this post is for you.
First I will give you detailed information about Korean Rice Cooker then I will give some reviews about Korean Rice Cooker so that you can choose the rice cooker of your choice.

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What Is A Korean Rice Cooker?

Korean Rice Cooker is a rice cooker manufacturer made by a Korean brand and produced in Korea. These brands are usually headquartered in the United States and Korean rice cookers are available in the American market. The rice maker’s control panel is multilingual, including English and Korean.

Is Rice Cookers Made In Korea Quality?
. Korean companies guarantee the quality of its rice cookers and they give you a 1-3 years warranty. So the quality of products made in Korea should be the same as products made in the United States.

Where To Buy a Korean Rice cooker?

You can buy a Korean Rice Cooker from Amazon. Amazon will show you the details
and customer reviews.

1)Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S

Cuckoo multi cooker I cook Q5 premium fast & accurate· 13 smart built-in programs· adjustable temperature and time safe & secure· auto steam clean reliable & DURABLE· total management system product development · manufacturing · distribution ·quality control · Customer service1. Leading-edge technology and 8 in 1 multi cooker all-in-one.

What we liked,
EASY TO USE – I have had trouble using the Instant Pot, never knowing how long to cook and pressurize. But this multicooker takes the guesswork out of it with already set functions and time. I also like that there is only one rice function. 30 minutes was the maximum time is allowed and the rice came out perfectly.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION – no need for a separate rice cooker and pressure cooker! This device does it all and frees up my counter space in the process.
  • BEAUTIFUL – clean, classic, white, and rose gold – if only all my other kitchen appliances made me feel this good.
  • GREAT QUALITY – the nonstick surface makes clean up a breeze.
  • interactive – lights, sounds, and whistles make the cooking experience feel more modern and luxurious. My son also enjoys helping out by pushing the button

2)Cuckoo CRP-P0609S 6 cup Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer

If you are searching for an electric pressure rice cooker that can feed up to 6 people or cook days’ worth of food, then look no further than the CRP-P0609S. Its 12 cooking functions, 3-language voice navigation (English, Korean, and Chinese), and auto steam cleaning function make it efficient and simple to cook all types of food. Enhance your cooking and your kitchen with our sleek black CRP-P0609S rice cooker.

What we liked
Multi Cook Function
Enjoy the benefits of pressure cooking by fermenting your yogurt and cheese at home. Pre-programmed Multi cook functions offer ultimate versatility-Sushi Rice, Chicken Soup, Porridge, Ferment Bread, Bread Baking, and more.
Water Drainage System
Maintains the Taste of your rice. collects excess water vapors after cooking is finished to maintain the flavor of rice. To keep the taste of food fresh, maintain a clean environment, prevent bad odors and bacteria by collecting water created during cooking.
Auto Steam Cleaning
Enjoy Simple Maintenance with the touch of a button. With a push of a button, a strong jet stream is released to clean and sanitize the interior of the rice cooker.
Smart Voice Guide with 3 Different Languages.
Double layer Cover Packing.
Safety Features.
2-Layer Soft Steam Cap.
Easy to clean.Easy to use.

3)Cuckoo CMC-QAB501S, Q5 STANDARD 8 in 1 Multi (Pressure, Slow,

Cuckoo 8 in 1 electric Multi pressure cooker is the next generation in kitchen appliances. Works great. Very easy to use and keep clean. While bringing the best in electric pressure cooker technology, we also realize the importance of safety. Now, one can set the exact parameters desired to achieve perfect results every time. your favorite dishes are as simple as selecting the mode and having them ready 70% faster than usual.

What we liked
Easy to clean.
Easy use.
Smart Voice Guide.
Time and Heating Customization.
Smart Algorithm
Through years of extensive research, we have created carefully planned smart algorithms to bring out the best in your dishes. Our algorithms take great care.
start to finish and everything in between by monitoring temperature, time, and pressure!
Safety Features.

4)Cuckoo Multi Pressure Cooker, CMC-ASB501F, A50 Premium.

cuckoo’s new and improved Multi pressure cooker has set the bar even higher, with its ultra-versatile smart built-in 18+ menu cooking options. Cuckoo has also incorporated an easy-to-use jog dial that makes it simple to navigate and select your favorite cooking options.

What we liked
Easy to use.
Trusted Brand.
Easy to clean.
Safety is our priority: we went the extra mile to ensure the multi cooker is as safe as it is easy to use. The automatic steam release gives every aspiring chef peace of mind when cooking, ensuring safety while cooking your favorite dishes.
VERSATILE RICE COOKING OPTIONS: Do you love cooking rice? Well, Cuckoo does and we special12ize in developing the best rice cookers in the world. This multi-cooker gives you 7+ rice/grain cooking options to choose from.
Perfect size: our 5 qt. The inner pot is perfect for family and friends.
18+ versatile cooking options: 18+ cooking menu settings ranging from multi cook steam cook. slow cook, white rice, sticky rice, sushi rice, general rice, brown rice, gab rice, multigrain, super grain vegetables, bean & chili Soups, stew, porridge.

5)Cuckoo CRP-FA0610FR 6 cup.

With a 6 cups inner pot size and the ability to cook GABA rice, the FA0610FR is Cuckoo’s introductory model for electric pressure rice cookers. Please note: this model only comes with Korean voice navigation.

What we liked,
Awesome Rice Cooker
Easy to use
Easy clean
Safely Keep Warm
Keep Warm activates automatically once cooking has concluded. You could also change the warm temperature base on your preference. Press and hold the Heat/ Time button for 5 seconds to adjust the Keep Warm temperature.
Water Drainage System.
2-Layer Soft Steam Cap

6)Cuckoo CR-0351F Electric Heating Rice Cooker

You will save significant time cooking either brown or white rice and it cooks it to my specific preference of “sticky”.
Turbo Cooking Functions Made in Korea Perfect for cooking GABA rice and brown rice.Very fast for rice, intuitive, good or black garlic!Dim display.

What we liked
Easy to clean.
Easy to use.
perfect for a small family.
It’s a perfect size for 1-2 people household
it is also easy to wash and keep clean.

7)Cuckoo CRP-HZ0683FR Multifunctional and Programmable Electric Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker,

The Black Pebble series brings the modern look to the next level, with rounded edges and a glossy top coating, this rice cooker shines. But, don’t let the exterior look convince you With its stainless steel coating on both the inside lid and the removable covering, the HZ0683F shines inside and out.
What we liked
Professional Quality:
Safety First: We went the extra mile to ensure our electric rice cooker is as safe as it is easy to use. With automatic steam and pressure emission, a lid-locking device, auto temperature control, and an alarm for overheating, we put your safety first.
Faster, Smarter Cooking:
Efficient and Intelligent:
Trusted Brand.

Thank you for reading our review best Korean rice cooker.

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