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Best Cuckoo rice cooker review 2021

Cuckoo puts a strict quality-control high-bar in making the best rice cookers because healthcare is just as important as the quality of cooking in your living equipment. Cuckoo rice cookers help to cook flawlessly.
Cuckoo Rice Cooker has always been known as superior, advanced, and innovative. These models examine all boxes when using technology and connecting multiple functions and features.
If you look at the Cuckoo rice cooker, the first thing you will notice is its excellent and sophisticated build. At first glance, they look like the tools of the future with all their technical navigation and buttons.
If you want to serve delicious food to your family and have multiple and innovative rice cookers in your kitchen, we are here to give you the best choice. We rank the best Cuckoo Rice Cooker on the market.

Why Cuckoo is Best?

South Korean manufacturing firm founded in 1978 and originally incorporated as Sunkwang Electronics Co., Ltd. Its corporate identity was formally changed to Cuckoo Co., Ltd. in 2002 reflecting its major export brand name which had been in use since 1999. . In 2002, Cuckoo started selling to distributors in New York and Los Angeles. In late 2016, Cuckoo established its first American branch, Cuckoo Electronics America, Inc.

Features of Cuckoo Rice cooker

Cuckoo electric rice cookers are designed to make your life easier. With voice-controlled voice navigation, induction heating pressure, full-screen Led display, vacuum warming technology, and a modern kitchen design that pops into your kitchen, our electric rice cookers are preferred by people who look for the highest quality in cooking equipment and style. There are. If you need a 3 cup rice cooker or a 10-cup rice cooker for your restaurant kitchen, the cuckoo combines all the qualities that compose the best rice cookers you can buy.

Smart Voice Guide

These Rice Cookers feature intelligent voice navigation (English, Chinese) systems, available in many languages, making the multi-cooker experience easy to use and intuitive.

Advanced Technology

The ability to incorporate advanced tech into rice cookers has always been the foundation of Cuckoo Electronics.
Some advanced tech features you will find in the Cuckoo rice cooker are smart wheel controls, stainless steel detachable inner lid, automated control systems, self-cleaning functions,

Classic Design
Every model they publish is captivating at first glance and you will fall in love more when you know its features.


Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker

  • CUCKOO Electric CRP-GHSR1009F
  • Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S
  • Cuckoo CRP-P0609S
  • Cuckoo CRP-FA0610FR 6 cup.
  • Cuckoo CRP-HZ0683FR
  • Cuckoo CR-0351F

1)CUCKOO Electric CRP-GHSR1009F Rice Cooker. (review)

At first glance, you will immediately notice the sophisticated design of this cuckoo electric rice cooker. The internal cooking pot is made of high quality, food-grade material to ensure stability.
The GH1009F is Cuckoo Electronics’ first luxurious 10 cup induction heating rice cooker with a Light Touch Dial Knob Navigation Panel.
With its 3-language voice navigation (English, Korean, and Chinese) Cleaning up after your family’s meal is done with the air jet’s automatic jet vapor cleaning, not only the inner pot, it also releases powerful jets to get to that hard-end of your rice cooker. With all these high-tech cooking features, you can start worrying about your electricity bill. However, this should not be a cause for concern as this Cuckoo rice cooker is equipped with energy-saving features that make the cooking experience safe and worry-free.

Pros and Cons.

✔️ Modern design
✔️ Innovative technology
✔️ Energy-saving
✔️ Voice navigation
✖️ Too many bells and whistles for a rice cooker.
✖️ May not be best for beginners.

2)Best Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Premium Rice Cooker.

If you are a kitchen supporter, you need a professional rice cooker that can maintain your cooking skills.
The Cuckoo CMC-QSB50-1S 8-in-1 10-Cup Premium Rice Cooker is equipped with leading-edge technologies that provide an easier and more enjoyable cooking experience.
Its cooking settings include:
Food Warming
Yoghurt Making.
Pressure Cooking.
Soup Making.
Slow Cooking
Rice Cooking
Frying/ Saute.
With this 10-cup Cuckoo rice cooker you can prepare whatever you want with white cups, brown rice, soup, porridge and much more.
smart voice guide automatic steam vents that easily clean the inner pot and the rice cooker’s interior.

Pros and Cons

✔️ 8 appliances in 1
✔️ Safety features
✔️ Self-cleaning
√smart voice guide
√easily clean

√May not be best for beginners

3)Best Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker.

Food versatility is a major selling point of the CRP-P0609S. It has 10 built-in smart programs including: Gluten Turbo, Brown Rice, High Heat, Gabba Rice, Multi Cook, and even an Auto Clean feature. The rice cooker has six cups of cooked rice, which can give 12 cups of cooked rice.
This electronic pressure rice cooker is made for those who live a busy life. Anything you thirst for can be cooked in a pot and in a cycle, use the voice navigation feature to get instructions in English, Chinese and Korean, use the Auto Clean button to clean the stainless steel. Very easy to use.

Pros and Cons
✔️ High quality build.

✔️ Can double as a pressure cooker.
√Non-stick inner pot
✔️ Detachable inner lid for ease in cleaning.

×Heavy weight despite its medium capacity.

4)Cuckoo CRP-FA0610FR 6 cup.

With a 6 cups inner pot size and the ability to cook GABA rice, the FA0610FR is Cuckoo’s introductory model for electric pressure rice cookers. Please note: this model only comes with Korean voice navigation.

What we liked,
Awesome Rice Cooker
Easy to use
Easy clean
Safely Keep Warm
Keep Warm activates automatically once cooking has concluded. You could also change the warm temperature base on your preference. Press and hold the Heat/ Time button for 5 seconds to adjust the Keep Warm temperature.
Water Drainage System.
2-Layer Soft Steam Cap.

5)Cuckoo CRP-HZ0683FR Pressure Rice Cooker,

The Black Pebble series brings the modern look to the next level, with rounded edges and a glossy top coating, this rice cooker shines. But, don’t let the exterior look convince you With its stainless steel coating on both the inside lid and the removable covering, the HZ0683F shines inside and out.

6)Cuckoo CR-0351F Electric Heating Rice Cooker

You will save significant time cooking either brown or white rice and it cooks it to my specific preference of “sticky”.
Turbo Cooking Functions Made in Korea Perfect for cooking GABA rice and brown rice.Very fast for rice, intuitive, good or black garlic!Dim display.

What we liked
Easy to clean.
Easy to use.

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